The goal of SongStage is to serve as a central point of contact
for actively performing songwriters in the Seattle area.

The idea behind the group is to assemble various members based
on how complimentary their sounds might be and then to target
specific venues for live shows.

The underlying philosopy that songwriters become significantly more
interesting when presented in a complimentary group rather than when
performing alone. The more texture and variety we can provide, the
better the show will be for the audience.

For example, we might put together three or four songwriters* who
specialize in Americana and book a show at The Sunset Tavern.
Or we could assemble some songwriters whose genre is
acoustic indie rock and book a show at The Crocodile.

The requirements for joining the group are simple:

1. You must be able to play between a 20 and 40 minute live set.
2. You must be already actively performing in and around Seattle.
3. You must have a professionally recorded demo or CD.
4. You must actively promote your shows ... this one is super important,
because we won't be invited back to a venue if we don't bring anyone
into said venue for a show. Also, the better the venue, the higher the
expectation is in terms of how many people you bring in.


(*) We've found it's significantly easier to book these types of shows if we approach the venue with the people
already selected, as the booking agents don't want to juggle musicians unless they have to.